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Festive Boxes By Paper Crane Wishes

Celebrate the holidays with party decor, DIY kits and greeting cards created by Paper Crane Wishes design studio.


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Spruce up your abode with holiday themed garlands, confetti, and other decorations.  Send out greeting cards handmade with love.

3. Celebrate!

Gather friends and family.  It is time to party!

What are people saying about HandCrate?

"I loved this box! I don't know that you could improve upon it -- it had  all my favorite things and I love Autumn, so the theme was wonderful. I  also love the idea of this subscription in general. Items that celebrate  seasons/holidays are such fun. Receiving such a box in the mail would  brighten anyone's day. "  -Sue H.

"I just got my first box which was the Thanksgiving one. I really enjoyed  the wooden sign and the Washi tape. I am looking forward to the  Christmas box!"  -Natalie

"Good price for an awesome collection of unique handmade goods and connection to vendors."  -Alyssa

Join the V.I.P. Party People Club!

Start celebrating!  VIP Party People will get a monthly celebration box sent to their house.  Each monthly box includes various choices of either washi tapes, greeting cards and other products to customize your party to your personality.


How often will I get this box?

Monthly!  Delivery times vary and boxes always arrive with plenty of time to prepare for the party.

What holidays are featured?

January , New Year's Eve (estimated Del. Dec. 15th) 

February, Valentine's Day ( estimated Del. Jan 15th) 

March, St. Patty's Day (estimated Del. Feb 15th) 

April, Easter (estimated  Del. Mar. 15th) 

May, Mother's Day (estimated Del. April 15th) 

June, Father's Day (estimated Del. May 15th) 

July, 4th of July/Memorial Day ( estimated Del. June 15th) 

August, Back to School ( estimated Del. July 15th) 

September, "Coming of Fall" (estimated Del. Aug. 15th) 

October, Halloween (estimated Del. Sept. 15th) 

November, Thanksgiving (estimated Del. Oct. 15th) 

December, Christmas Winter Box (estimated Del. Nov. 15th)

What's in the box?

Holiday decorations for the event!  Paper Crane Wishes includes a variety of standard holiday items and other decor/cards handmade by small crafting businesses.